Looking Out

Here a seagull sits atop a lamp on Bournemouth pier looking out to sea. I wonder whether he (she) is wondering where the sun has gone. This type of grey day has typified most of January and – so far – February too in my part of England. Forecasters, however, believe it might be sunny for about an hour on Saturday;  I’ll look out for it 😉

30 thoughts on “Looking Out

    1. They have revised the forecast now; it looks like we will have sunshine for most of Saturday: woo-hoo! The sun came out today as I walked to work but was gone by the time I walked home. It was the same shade of grey as featured in this image:-) Many thanks David.


  1. “Big Brother” is watching from two lamps and the seagul from another, I hope you were behaving. 🙂
    I seem to go out “chasing sunshine” too, enjoy yours, ours is here for a few hours on Saturday.


    1. I was just eating my lunch: honest 😀 Looks as if we will have some hours of sunshine on Saturday too now – although tomorrow’s forecast for Saturday could change again. We might get some snow tonight!


  2. The placement of the posts are really nice.

    And nice bird. ( Big bird Brother perhaps? Thank sallyann for the inspiration for that one. :P)


    1. How lovely that you’ve had a nice bright week – I’m pleased you’ve had sunshine. We may get some this afternoon and tomorrow! Many thanks for that address Sandy; I will have a look.


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