Early Morning Snow

We had a light covering of snow overnight so I excitedly went out very early to try and capture a few images. It had started to rain when I got outside and the snow was quickly melting but I managed to take a few photographs.

This is a view through barbed wire into a cow field and beyond. The cows were sensibly huddled together at the other end!

36 thoughts on “Early Morning Snow

    1. Thank you Sheila. No – we don’t always get snow during Winter in southern England. During any decade we may get one or two Winters which produce snow so it’s more unusual than usual. So it is always wonderful when it arrives although we soft Southerners generally aren’t very good at coping with it if it stays around for longer than a day or two πŸ™‚


  1. Meanderer – we’re on the same wavelength! I was out taking photos of a sunrise snowscape this morning, followed by photos of the arrival of the first calf of the season! I love the gray shades and the wire framing here – all very atmospheric!


    1. Oh, wow! Can’t wait to see your images Dreams and Zeros! I had to get out to take photos of the snow as it was rapidly melting away. It was pretty atmospheric. It was early, my hood drowned out much of a sense of sound, it was pretty isolated, and quite dark!


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