Gold ‘n’ Green

I usually like to post current – or relatively recent – images on my blog as the blog also serves as a sort of Nature, Weather and Events diary; a record of where I walked and visited and so on.

Today I’ve decided to post an image from last Summer – something bright and warm in order to cheer myself on this dreary, grey February afternoon. Sallyann gave me the idea as her posting today: ‘Something non-grey‘ is also a reaction to the February gloomth we are having in England.

35 thoughts on “Gold ‘n’ Green

  1. Stunning use of colour and texture. Beautiful composition. When I first saw the image I thought for a very brief moment your winter had really turned mild quite quickly. 😀


    1. Thank you SaptarshiC. It was interesting how just a few stalks hadn’t ripened along the field edges. I like the contrast of curves and lines too – the young upstart stalk and the older ripe, weather (life)-beaten one!


    1. Thanks very much Saarimner! I took lots of photos of Wheat and Barley last year. This was one of my favourites that I didn’t post back then! Actually – I’m a girl 🙂 I think my gravatar is perhaps a bit masculine!!


  2. A splendid photograph in every respect. It has even cheered me up and I am not going through the bleakness of a British winter. Great job!


  3. Now that’s nice! The contrasts between the green and the yellow-brown – and between the intersection of the angles which the two main elements of the picture make >>> makes this a very good piece of composition! Adrian


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