Here is a photograph I took back in October of some of the wonderful trees which make up ‘Beech Avenue’ – part of the Kingston Lacy estate in Dorset, England.

The trees were planted in 1835 and are coming to the end of their life span which is usually around 200 years. Pollution and disease have also taken their toll. Gaps have started to appear but the National Trust is planting Hornbeams to replace them.

42 thoughts on “Avenue

    1. Many thanks JRPhotography. I had to be careful photographing the trees as – although the road looks pretty quiet – cars were going past so fast I was almost swept into the road!


    1. Thank you SaptarshiC. Although it was October, the trees were still in full leaf and very green. I’d like to go back late Autumn and photograph them at the end of the day. They are quite a breathtaking sight.


  1. Strange, I’ve never thought of trees having a life span before, I just imagined they’d go on for ever. First you see a tree when you’re just old enough to know it’s a tree and it usually outlives you so I thought they just kept going. πŸ™‚


    1. Some can live a few hundred years. Although the average lifespan for the Beech is 200 years, some English Beeches – especially the pollarded ones – are around 300-400 years old. Trees like the Birch for example live for around 30 years. I found a useful website which includes average lifespans for some trees: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/fol/species.html#bee although that website says the lifespan for a Beech is around 250 years.


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