Warmer Beech

Here is a photograph of some Beech trees I saw late December. I have also featured them here and here.

As a gardener I have always favoured flowers and shrubs over trees but since I’ve been photographing Nature over the past year I have seen some beautiful trees and my interest and love of them – which I had as a child – has been re-ignited. I think I have under-appreciated them for most of my adult life.

One of my very favourites, as a result of this new-kindled interest, is the Beech. I love its form, its graceful beauty, and its warm colours during the cold Seasons. I hope to feature more trees generally in my blog this year.

(I apologise to subscribers who may have received a post notification of the same image and text a few minutes ago. For some reason it was posted as 28 Dec instead of today. Weird!).

31 thoughts on “Warmer Beech

  1. I really like this image, it’s strong yet tender
    I love trees; I like to see them change throughout the year, the different colours, different shapes and how they stand strong and defiant during heavy and harsh weather. I see them as protectors… as old and wise… the wizards of the plant world πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Littleskew. Yes – it is wonderful to watch them change and to stand up to all that the weather throws at them, the way they bend and twist to adapt. I like the way one is drawn to a particular tree. I really like Beech trees – they have such wonderful form. I also love the folklore attached to trees; fascinating.


  2. Beech trees were always one of my favourite trees back in Britain, particularly in autumn. Thanks for the reminder of a little bit of the English countryside.


    1. You’re welcome Calvin. I hope to feature Beech trees quite a bit this year. Their shapes are so beautiful and I like the way they retain golden brown leaves on the lower trunk throughout Autumn and Winter.


    1. I think I tried to climb a tree once when I was a child – I seem to remember a new pair of corduroy trousers and I didn’t want to ruin them πŸ™‚ You might get to see some shots from higher up but it will be from a hilltop looking down at a tree rather than from a treetop I think πŸ™‚


    1. Many thanks Truels. I do love gardening – particularly flower growing but I’m not so good at growing vegetables. I think it’s hard for a newbie organic veg gardener as one has to learn all about companion planting and so on to keep on top of the little creatures who want to eat your food!


  3. I too love Beech trees especially when they are mixed in with other hardwoods. The contrast in bark textures are very interesting. We are fortunate to have some really old ones around here!


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