Wildflower Mix

Here is another photograph from last year – this time during the height of Summer: June. There is a real mix of flowers, grasses and cereals in this crop field margin. Farmers have been encouraged to keep strips of land for wildflowers in order to encourage beneficial wildlife such as bees, hoverflies and butterflies.

36 thoughts on “Wildflower Mix

    1. It is good isn’t it Sandy. Although I remember reading an article last year about a farmer who removed his wildflower borders in order to grow more wheat because the price of wheat was so high. He regretted doing it but felt he had no choice.

      There is also a move by a professional TV gardener – Sarah Raven – and the Royal Horticultural Society to get councils to plant more nectar rich flowers in their municipal plots rather than elaborate double-flowered species in order to encourage more bees, hoverflies and butterflies.


    1. Thank you Scott. I had three photographs of this scene – the other two images emphasised the bright red poppies more but I felt the red overpowered all the other plants. The background green is provided by ripe oilseed rape which was the main crop on that side. It was fun seeing the oats and wheat intermingled with the flowers and grasses in the border.


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