I woke very early this morning to the sound of a bird singing and one of my first thoughts was: “Yes! It’s the first day of March”. I felt really happy. I love March and how Nature springs into action and I also love the lighter days and warmer sun.

It’s also St David’s Day today (the patron Saint of Wales) so I went out and looked for a daffodil to photograph. I found one but I wasn’t pleased with the way it came out. I’d almost resigned myself to not having a Spring flower to mark the start of March when I noticed these fresh Primroses in the garden. A shaft of light from the afternoon sun caught them just at the right time!

33 thoughts on “Primrose

    1. Thank you Gary! Yes – I was pleased to capture this little Primrose. There are a couple in bloom in the garden but they are in quite shady places making photographs quite difficult. I happened to be in the right place at the right time for this one though just as a little shaft of light was illuminating it!


    1. Many thanks Eagle-Eyed Editor. I was quite fortunate in that a lovely shaft of late afternoon sun was illuminating the petals nicely. The texture is interesting isn’t it? It looks quite rigid and sparkly.


  1. Amazing photo, the wonderful yellow center of the primrose almost explodes towards us!
    We have had some nice warm (12-14 dgr. C) days here. But they promise change – frost at night and cold by day…..


  2. Beautiful photograph as always. Well your start of March is considerably different from what we got. Right now the outside is one big white primrose snow cone. Winter has decided to try to make up for lost time. By the way, please let Adrian know I am a nice blogger and I did not send any strange e-mail or comments to his blog. It is most distressing to discover that you are suspected of something without a means to defend yourself. Keep sending news & views of Spring’s arrival, even if I am envious. πŸ™‚


    1. Many thanks Elmediat. Yes – I’ve just been over to visit your snow images; wonderful! I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have very much snow here this Winter! It is wonderful to see signs of Spring however; I have another Spring-like image lined up for today πŸ™‚


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