41 thoughts on “Glowing Teasels

    1. Solar-powered 🙂 My first thought was to convert to B&W but then I also like the browns and golds in it. I think I’ve gone off B&W converting at present because of all the greyness that we’ve had. I’ve needed colour!


  1. What a cool shot. I wage war on teasel to keep it out of my pasture. It gets tangled in the horses manes and tails and can be real pain (litterally) to remove. Your photos have made me see the beauty in it. I will still try to keep it out of the pasture, but will enjoy it elsewhere.


    1. Many thanks Jane. I can imagine it would be a pain when tangled up in the horses manes and tails – that doesn’t sound good at all. Apart from a field I once saw which was growing thousands of them (I’m not sure what for) this is probably the most I’ve seen in one place.


  2. Wonderful photo. I am familiar with the plant, but for some reason can not ever recall them by that name. The only name I and my wife were familiar with was burrs. 🙂


    1. Thank you Elmediat. They are so named in England because of the tradition of teasing out animal hair with them. I wonder if I could use one on my thick locks 🙂


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