Monochrome Spring

Although it is wonderfully exciting to photograph and highlight vibrant emerging flowers at this time of year, Spring also brings with it March winds and April showers and those all-too-present grey skies.

This was a view from an upstairs window yesterday of the Silver Birch in the garden. It seemed as though we had all four seasons in one day: a little sun; wind; heavy rain; snow; and hail.

The above image is accidental as I was trying to photograph the scene through a raindrop! I failed dismally at achieving this but when I looked at the image later on the computer, I rather liked it. In fact I think it’s a nuisance that the drop is there!

Rain is rather a rare weather event at present – we simply didn’t get very much of it during the last couple of Seasons in Southern England so in many respects it was good to have a day of it.

17 thoughts on “Monochrome Spring

    1. Many thanks Littleskew! I’m pleased you like it too. I was so focused on the raindrop when I took the photograph that I didn’t notice what was happening in the background! It really appeals to me though (even though I’ve been moaning about all the grey we’ve been having!) πŸ™‚


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