Clear as Mud

A tree is reflected in a puddle along a muddy enclosed track. Yesterday was one of those days when it’s sunny and bright one minute and in dark shadow the next as the sun passes behind a large white cloud.

39 thoughts on “Clear as Mud

    1. Many thanks Brandon. It’s an interesting spot; I’ve photographed puddle reflections here before and there is such a clarity to them. I wonder if the enclosed sides somehow enable this clarity; I’m not sure.


    1. Many thanks Terry! The track is surrounded by trees and hedges on two sides and the puddles are quite deep resulting in some really interesting reflections – particularly when the sun is playing hide and seek with big white clouds!


  1. It’s very striking how you have captured the silver linings of the shorline and just-offshore nini-island-stones. It almost looks solarized, and it’s worthy of several “double-” takes. I probably would have cropped the bottom quarter or third of the whole, but it still works very well as is. A worthy addition!


    1. Thank you Sallyann. We haven’t had that much rain for puddle reflection shots but I do like to have a look down this track after heavy rain. The lighting is quite curious!


    1. Thank you Ehpem. Yes – I too love puddle reflections but they are becoming a rare treat. We have been getting very little rain in recent months which is quite worrying.


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