Brimstone Butterfly (2)

The warm weather has continued today and to my surprise has brought out bees and butterflies!

It was wonderful to see this female Brimstone butterfly fluttering just a few yards in front of me (females have whitish green wings compared to males which have more green colouring).

When she alighted on the ivy leaf I crept very slowly and quietly towards her whilst trying to avoid casting a shadow near her. I think the gentle warmth made her a little less active so I was able to get quite near.


28 thoughts on “Brimstone Butterfly (2)

  1. It looks like a butterfly version of a lunar moth. My favorite moth^^ Butterflies are a symbol of hope; maybe this one’s hoping for some flowers. My bees have tucked themselves away for the last couple days (it got cold again) but they’ll be back out soon.


    • It was very warm today. We saw a thermometer propped up next to a garage in a shady place and it read 15 degrees C so it must have been a few degrees warmer in the sun. It certainly felt like it!

      I’m experimenting with different themes as I’ve used Duotone for nearly a year and thought it was time for a change!


    • The weekend was so lovely and warm although we awoke to thick fog this morning 🙂 Thank you Eremophila – I’m giving this theme a test run to see how I get on with it.


    • Thank you Scott. The butterfly was in full sun and is a little over-exposed but it was so lovely to see her! I like the colour scheme of this blog and the ease of reading the light text against the dark background but I’m a little concerned about the infinite scrolling for viewers on a slow internet connection. I shall try it for a couple of days and see how it goes 🙂


    • Many thanks Fergie! I hadn’t expected to see any butterflies out on the walk so it was a pleasant surprise! I’m pleased you like the new theme. I’m trying it out for a few days before deciding whether to keep it. I like the look of the new ‘Triton Lite’ too!


    • Thank you Cocomino. I’m pleased you like the new template. I noticed that you have gone back to Duotone. Your Gerbera image looks even more beautiful with the pink background 🙂


    • Thank you Savira! Yes – indeed it was seeing your beautiful blog with this theme which made me have a look at Sunspot. Triton Lite came out on the same day and I was interested in that but wouldn’t have checked out Sunspot if I hadn’t seen your blog. Thank you!


  2. I wondered about the change in layout design. That is a great shot. I take it that your surprise means that the insect arrival is a bit early ?


    • Thank you very much Elmediat. I was surprised to see a butterfly so early but it was so incredibly warm at the weekend – more like Summer really – that she must have awoken early. I read that this particular species can be active all year if it’s warm enough, and they are amongst the earliest butterflies to be seen in Spring.


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