Lupin Drops

Raindrops sit so comfortably in the centre of Lupins!

We had a little rain this morning which was welcome for the plants. The last few days have seen very grey and murky conditions but there’s plenty of colour and interest in the plants to brighten things up a bit.

24 thoughts on “Lupin Drops

    1. They do look like furry flowers don’t they?! When I saw these today, it reminded me that I planted one in the garden last Autumn but it seems to have disappeared. I remember that it was being nibbled by something. I hope it comes up again!


  1. The do hold the water nicely. You are about two and a half months ahead of us. Every time I come here, I feel that I am visiting spring.


    1. Thank you Sandy. New plants seem to be Springing up every day! The weather here though has turned cold – and grey – once again. It is good to have some rain for the plants to help them on their way – we’ve had so little in recent months.


  2. Those raindrops almost always catch my attention! I’ve always found it fascinating. We grow those flowers, but they are less than an inch out of the ground now, so they have a little ways to go. Once it warms up more, they will grow fast!


    1. These were new plants grouped together in pots. The immature leaves look so sweet and fresh – ready to go! I planted one in my garden last year but I think it got eaten!

      Thank you Fergie.


    1. They are curious aren’t they? I took lots of similar photographs of raindrops on a Lupin I planted in the garden last year (and which has since disappeared!) but they didn’t come out so well. The drops do seem to be made of something other than water and have great staying power! Thank you Brandon.


    1. That’s very kind Ehpem – thank you. It is hard to fit in all the blogs one would like isn’t it? I haven’t passed by your blog in a little while so will pop over very shortly.


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