Morning Droplets

Interesting patterns of condensation formed on an upstairs window early this morning. The temps plummeted last night after a damp and cloud-covered day.

So far this morning, we’ve had a mix of sunshine, big grey clouds, and hailstones;  April showers seem to have arrived early!


51 thoughts on “Morning Droplets

    • Many thanks AJ! The patterns in the little drops – and the sheer amount of drops – was quite fascinating, helped by a bit of blue sky and fluffy white cloud! I’m pleased you like it.


    • Thank you Gary! Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve probable seen but never actually ‘looked at’ condensation before. Once you start to notice the little everyday things, they become so special, admired and respected!).


    • Thank you very much Adrian! I’m pleased you like this one. Condensation droplets are fascinating! I’ve another lined up – quite different to this one but equally interesting I think!


  1. Very beautiful Meanderer. I love taking pictures of the frost through my car windows for some fun pictures but love yours with the condensation. Looks very abstract.


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