This is a very small part of a kitchen garden which I photographed whilst visiting a stately home and gardens at the weekend. I love the neatness and formality of this kitchen garden with the weed-free nutrient-rich soil, neat rows, and little box plants edging each section. What attracted me to this part of the garden though was the fork – the sign of the gardener’s recent labours; perhaps an onion or two have just been dug up.

I also imagine that I could have a neat little veg plot like this but, in reality, I’m totally useless at growing vegetables. I’d like to have another go but recent years of scabby spuds, wilted toms, and beetle-eaten cucumbers as well as non-emerging carrots, parsnips and beans have dampened my enthusiasm!

20 thoughts on “Veg

  1. Please don’t be disheartened. It’s possible you simply didn’t have the suitable varieties for your area. See what your local garden club/group has to offer. How about even starting with some sunflowers? 🙂


    1. Many thanks for the encouragement Eremophila. Part of the difficulty is that we don’t get a lot of sun in the garden and we also have a thick layer of chalk to contend with. I might try an experiment though and have a go at growing something in pots. That way, I might get more of a feel for what I’m doing wrong after eliminating the soil problem – as it were. A TV gardener – Carol Klein – who I like, suggested growing carrots in pots at waist height or above as it avoids the problem of carrot fly so I might give that a try.


    1. I like flowers higgledy-piggledy – set out in natural-looking drifts and I do love very informal planting of grasses and tall perennials, but there’s just something about neat rows of veg that I like! I’m not sure why!


    1. Thank you Sandy. It’s a very small part of a rather large kitchen garden and it is so lovely. I like the way they intermingle flowers with the fruit and veg – so pretty.


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