Little primrose flowers are basking in the golden afternoon sun – a narrow shaft of which is peeking through the tall trees at the bottom of the garden.

Spring is in full swing: temps are rising, flowers are popping, bees are busy, and the weather is set fair for the weekend. The clocks move forward an hour at the weekend as we move onto British Summer Time.

37 thoughts on “Mellow

    1. They are both wonderful, uplifting colours! Thank you Sallyann! I’d add a smiley face but for some reason emoticons aren’t showing up even though I have set them to show; strange.


  1. A delightful shot. I love the warm yellow.

    Come 2:00 am Sunday and the switch to BST, it will be back to the five-hour time difference between the US and UK. To be honest, the four-hour difference of the past two weeks, since the US switched to Daylight Saving Time, suits me better.

    I like the new theme for your blog. I prefer being able to see several days of photographs just by scrolling down.


    1. Many thanks Calvin. I love primroses – they tolerate the chalk well and are such resilient little flowers.

      I didn’t realise the US switched to DST two weeks ago – thank you for the heads-up; I like to keep track of the time differences.

      Also, thank you for the feedback re: the theme. There is an option to have a static page of posts in a grid pattern – although the setting up of it has confounded me so far; I think I’ll stick to the scrolling option!


    1. How interesting that they are considered houseplants where you live! I guess it must be milder here in comparison – or they are different species of Primroses (Primula). Thank you David.


  2. This makes me think of Easter! When I read the title I was thinking of those crinkly houseplant primroses. These are much nicer.


    1. These little primroses grow really well outside here in Southern England. There are lots of different varieties in the Primula family including the cowslips with their little nodding heads of flowers! Thank you Sandy.


  3. beautiful shot. Our crocuses are up and some of the tress are budding. The temps have been 8 to 15 degrees above normal. Return to norms are expected this week . In the meantime . I will keep visiting your blog for mellow yellow and soothing green. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Elmediat. I’ve been away for a few days over the weekend and we have had a bit of a heatwave with wall-to-wall sunshine. It looks set to continue during the week. I hope I can find some more mellow yellow and soothing green!


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