A Brown Palette

The browns and creams in this landscape really caught my eye at the weekend. I was on my way to an interesting beach – from a geological point of view – when I turned round and saw swathes of dried reeds growing between a hedgerow and dark reddish-brown fields. The reeds are probably going to be used for thatching.

The undulations in the landscape and a tight photographic crop almost make it look abstract I think, as the tree seems to be growing low down amidst the reeds. I like neutral colours and find them really quite restful.

40 thoughts on “A Brown Palette

    1. Many thanks Cocomino. The browns and creams were really relaxing to look at, and the beach on the other side (I’ll post a photo soon) was a restful mix of greys, soft pinks and orangey-browns.


    1. Thank you Scott! It’s funny you should mention sweaters: I knit and crochet – although projects have been placed on the back-burner since I discovered the delights of photography – and most of the items I have made for myself have been in brown-beige colours! There’s something wholesome about this particular colour palette I think – like a good Homity Pie!


  1. I find myself frequently attracted to the palette of earth-tone colors as well. They have their own grace and subtle beauty, that not enough folks take the time to see and appreciate. Thanks for being one of the few who do.


    1. Thank you for your kind words Gary. I do love the earth tones. There were so many groups of these dried reeds in the area. The earth was also a wonderful red-brown colour and the two worked so well together colour-wise.


    1. Thank you Sallyann. Yes – all those ‘chocolate-box’ houses are demanding of thatch. I think thatched roofs need to be re-done every 15 years or so. Reeds are being used more and more as materials for thatching.


  2. Oh yes – excellent shot, Meanderer, absolutely excellent! Its a mass of forms and textures, and that belt of pale reeds going through the middle really enriches it – super image! Adrian


  3. Beautiful composition, and wonderful tones and colour. I agree that this has an almost abstract quality – I greatly admire the ability to find abstract quality in landscape shots.


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