Spring Buds

A couple of fresh new buds almost ready to open against a backdrop of pink and red leaves. I have to admit that I don’t know the name of the plant but I like the form and colours.

29 thoughts on “Spring Buds

    1. Many thanks Dreams and Zeros! I’m pleased you like it. I took this photo in the morning as the soft sunlight brought out the pink colours in the leaves. It was such a pretty sight.


  1. The way that you’ve framed this so that the new bud is growing into the palette of soft-focused background tangle, rather than just being framed by it, adds a new element of interest and drive. Good one!


    1. Thank you Gary. It was fortunate that the buds had a lovely rosy backdrop of leaves which tied in the pinks and greens nicely! The gardeners here had wonderfully colour-co-ordinated borders!


    1. Spring buds are great. I really love their form and the way they gently open up revealing fresh leaves or flowers which can happen in the course of a few hours. Wonderful!


  2. Whoa, just had a weird “is this a .gif?” moment – my eyes must be getting tired, but I swear I saw the bud MOVE!
    It’s a beautiful photo and I could look at it (with fresh eyes) for a whole lot longer 🙂


  3. Wonderful piece. The buds here slowed down, as the temp approached normal. We even had a bit of light snow and drizzle again.


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