A view through some lovely moss-laden Beech trunks to the village of West Bagborough (I think) from Lydeard Hill on the Quantocks, Somerset, England.

37 thoughts on “Treescape

    1. Thank you Terry!! I had never visited this part of England before (the Quantock Hills). Somerset, generally, is a very interesting county full of wonderful landscapes and scenery.


    1. Many thanks Nandini. There are some lovely trees in this area and the colours and patterns in the landscape are wonderful. I expect it looks fantastic in the Summer too!


    1. Oh, you really could! I was on a quest on that day though to prove to myself that I could climb the highest hill on the Quantocks: Will’s Neck. I got to the top and stood at the trig point (although I sort of cheated getting there!). The descent was one of the worst and best things I’ve done on a hill though. It was almost vertical and I was sure I was going to tumble over and over.


      1. NOT one for me to try then, a bit like my climb up Catbells in the Lake District. Enjoyed the walk up and down apart from the scrambling to reach the top, I would have rathered gone round the peak and met Hubby on the other side. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done for making it up … and back down again. ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. Ha ha! I’m impressed that you climbed Catbells which is way higher than Will’s Neck – the descent of which was more like a slide and a hope for the best than a walk! I’m not a natural climber – I have small steps and am not athletically built by any stretch of the imagination! I thought I’d get a bit of practise in before I go to the Dales in the Summer!


    1. Thank you Gary. I can’t remember the height of that hill but it enabled some wonderful views – albeit misty ones. I was en-route to the highest spot which wasn’t that many feet higher than this area. Yes – it does have a very strong ‘Lord of the Rings’ vibe about it!


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