Spring Zest

I visited a garden which opens occasionally for charity yesterday and saw some very beautiful and unusual plants. This is a grass called Carex Elata Bowles Golden. The beautiful dried flowers in Saffron-orange, lemon, and pepper colours really caught my eye. The garden had a couple of them situated on pond margins.

It was a lovely afternoon – a lot sunnier and warmer than expected – and we enjoyed tea and home-made cakes too (always an important part of a garden visit!).

20 thoughts on “Spring Zest

    1. It’s possibly a grass you might walk past when not in flower but it looked so pretty and unusual with these dried flower stems. The pond was a raised one and these grasses sat on it, so it was just below eye level when I photographed it. I think they were around two and a half to three feet high. Thank you Sandy.


  1. That’s nice, Meanderer – the seeming explosion of it all from bottom left in the frame, and the browns go well with the greens, and the textures of the browns contrast well with the thin grass leaf slivers. Good stuff! Adrian


    1. Welcome back Littleskew! I’d never seen this grass with its flower spikes before. It really stood out amongst the soft pinks, yellows and greens of other plants! Many thanks.


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