Velvety Bud

Here is another photograph I took at the garden I visited on Sunday. Although the flowers were beautiful, it was the velvety buds of the Pulsatilla (Pasque flower) which really caught my eye. They looked so delicate, demure, and beautiful amidst the finely cut green foliage and colour-matched gravel.

Had (another) tough day at work today. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old, but it sometimes seems as if action without very much thought is the order of the day. I feel more and more alienated from modern-day working requirements each and every day.


43 thoughts on “Velvety Bud

  1. Another great subject beautifully framed & photographed. I feel I have to chime in on the second part of you post, too–I know exactly what you’re describing. I had a job that I absolutely loved, that helped me to visit my 50 countries–until it was moved to Wash. DC and away from home & family, until I could retire 2 1/2 years later. Now my hobbies are my work, and I love them all!


    • Many thanks for your kind and considered comments Gary. It’s sad that you had problems with your job for a couple of years but I’m so pleased that you have found fulfillment with your hobbies!


    • Many thanks Roberta. Yes – photographing Nature is so good for easing away those everyday problems. It probably means I haven’t been out and about as much as I need to.


  2. My friend has this, and I love it. I think they grow wild out in the southwest where we will eventually retire. Watch for photos!


  3. This is a lovely photo – the velvety bud looks like the elaborate tail of a bird. I was reading an article in Yoga Journal about finding a place for refuge – a place to go to when you need some calm; to reconnect with your inner piece. It could be anything from a tree in the backyard, the bathtub, or meditation corner – simply a place where you feel safe during overlwhelming times (or such) . This could help the work alientation.


    • Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments Marina. Another difficulty with the job is that I work in a small confined space without windows. I thought I was coping with it but I think my whole inner self feels otherwise! It’s great to come home and connect with Nature though. I think that writing about it may spur me on to do something positive about it!


      • I think so too – writing is a great outlet. I have always found that bringing nature into the workplace – a plant, a bunch of flowers, surrounding yourself with quotes, saving a beautiful picture on your desktop, having a stack of inspiring magazines and books to reference when you need a break – all these things help in an office. Also,
        reconnecting with nature and the outside worlds feels all the more amazing – a stark contrast to work – so there’s got to be something good in that! (And I misspelled ‘peace’ in my earlier comment. Oops!)


  4. I love this furry little flower ! πŸ˜€
    As for work, put a picture in your head of the boss with tomato sauce on his chin, or potato crisps in her hair, this often helps me to raise a smile and gets me through. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you Sallyann! The actual flowers are purple with bright orange centres but I really like the buds. Thank you also for planting a wonderful picture of your boss in my head with a sauce and crisp combo! (I wish emoticons would work on this theme!).


  5. Gorgeous image! It’s a good sign in a way, that you are feeling as you do about work – it makes you sane in an insane environment. Hoping a solution will arise.


  6. Funny thing is that I posted a downward facing Hellebore on redbubble today and the went out to get Pasque flowers for my garden. Now I am looking at your blog to see that we have similar / good taste in flowers. Like minds!


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