Oases of Tranquility

I had to take my car into the garage in town for some work yesterday and whilst there decided to visit my three favourite places – each one an oasis of  tranquility.

First oasis: the river where I photographed these trunks and branches. It was a bright sunny morning with blue skies and big fluffy clouds which were reflected in the water, however I liked these darker blues created by the overhanging trees.

Second oasis: a very small indie bookshop which is a delight to be in. So many captivating titles for very little cost. It has the feel of a library, with people quietly scanning the shelves – an odd squeal of delight being heard occasionally when a longed-for book is found (that’s usually me!).

Third oasis: a wonderful two-floored health food shop which has a small cafe section. There is a real peaceful and relaxing ambience in this very large place. It begins with the staff, I think, who seem to go about their work with a quiet, confident, competent attitude. I always choose one of the high bistro chairs by the window so I can quietly watch the world go by. I always feel replenished – not only by the wholesome food and excellent coffee – but by the general atmosphere of the place: wonderful!


33 thoughts on “Oases of Tranquility

  1. Wow…seems like we have similar tastes in oases, too! What a wonderful morning…and time well-spent while waiting for your car. Very nice picture, too. 😉


  2. Really like this image… there’s almost something mystical about it… like another world lays beneath it. Maybe you could step into it…


    • Thank you Gary. I’m rather inhibited using the camera with lots of people around! I did want to photograph the canopy outside the cafe – it would have made an interesting abstract as I viewed it from inside – but I felt uncomfortable with the idea of pointing the camera out towards the people walking by! I’m not a natural for street photography or portraits!


      • Have you tried shooting “from the hip?” It’s sometimes very rewarding to program the camera settings in advance, switch to manual focus, and wait, putting the camera in a non-obvious position but with a remote release or a casual finger on the shutter. I’ve gotten many a good candid shot by not “obviously” making a photograph. It’s really worth a try, once in a while!


  3. Now that sounds like a great way to spend the day…even if the car was in for repairs! I couldn’t figure what the images was until after reading your post. Love the photo!!!


  4. I will bet you look forward to taking your car to the garage! It sounds like a nice day. Nice photo, now that you explained it. I thought it might be oil on water.


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