Hellebores and Gravel

Pink Hellebore flowers with their characteristic drooping habit sit draped across slate-coloured gravel. I photographed these at the garden I visited last weekend. They had many varieties of Hellebore – many of which were positioned in beds along gravelled paths offering a nice combination of soft and hard landscaping.

29 thoughts on “Hellebores and Gravel

  1. You weren’t tempted to get underneath them, by any chance? Not that they don’t look lovely as they are! It’s a cool composition ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hello Lu! The flowers were more or less sitting on the gravel so it would have been a difficult thing to get between them! Also, Hellebores look much prettier from this side I think! Many thanks.


    1. Many thanks Calvin. I do love pinks, blues and greys. This organic garden – which opens for charity a couple of times a year – was so lovely and very much planted for wildlife as well as beauty.


  2. That’s nice! The greens and mauves/scarlets go well together, and the textures of the plants look good too, while the chippings form a good, neutral bacldrop. Good stuff! Adrian


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