Morning Droplets II

Here is another photograph of the condensation on the window as featured in ‘Morning Droplets‘. Even though I took the photograph it still confuses me! It reminds me of the plastic protection sometimes found separating the layers in a box of chocolates rather than water droplets on a window.

24 thoughts on “Morning Droplets II

  1. It reminds me of the glass you get on bathroom windows; the glass you can’t see through properly.

    It’s like the rain is shielding you, hiding your modesty. Protective rain 🙂 i like it


  2. Love this. It really doesn’t look much like water which makes it very interesting. I love a photo that makes you wonder what you are looking at to discover something more.


  3. Oh well, Meanderer, no question about this one – excellent! I especially like the blues that come in as my eyes move up the frame, and that slightly larger and darker area lower right forms something like a focal point – very nice picture! Adrian


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