A New Leaf

Here is a photograph of a very new Hellebore leaf. The usual colour on this particular variety is a mid to dark green as seen in Hellebores and Gravel.

I read today that it was the driest March in 59 years here in England. Drought warnings have been brought in in many counties. April, however, seems to be making up for it. We’re having quite a bit of heavy rain at present – including hail – and this looks set to continue into May. I think I feel as refreshed by it as the plants.


45 thoughts on “A New Leaf

    • Many thanks Robyn! Leaves are wonderful to photograph all-year-round but fresh, squeaky-clean, Spring leaves and Autumn leaves with their beautiful colours are just so interesting to photograph! One can also learn a lot about their structure.


  1. Lovely! The colours are so vibrant!
    April is definitely making up for our dry March… hasn’t stopped all day where I am


    • Thank you Littleskew! It’s been the same here today: light rain, followed by heavy rain but with those wonderful skies where the combination of dark grey with sunshine creates wonderful hues in the landscape.


        • Oh, I know what those ‘one shade of grey’ days are like. The clouds sit gloomily on one’s shoulders. Right now, as I look out of the window, it’s still raining but the sky is a lighter shade of grey with a smidge of white in the distance, highlighting the bright zingy yellows in the rapeseed. The clouds are alternating dark grey, light grey, white, with a bit of blue inbetween and are being blown briskly on the breeze! I love weather-watching!


  2. hmmm.. funny weather, indeed. After (allegedly) a “lovely spell” in Edinburgh in March – it went to hell in an ice cube the other weekend!


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