Yellow Fields

It’s that time of year again when the patchwork colours in the countryside include the vivid yellows of oilseed rape (canola).

I saw some very young flowers of this crop a couple of weeks ago and wasn’t totally sure what it was. I’d been so used to seeing the flowers en-masse from a distance that I hardly recognised the individual flowers!

I photographed this today. I was able to get close to enough to capture individual plants with their glaucous leaves but was also able to capture the mass of yellow in the distance as the field was on a slope. I haven’t spotted any barley yet but have hopes that barley fields won’t be too far away.

33 thoughts on “Yellow Fields

  1. “Yellow fields”, such as these, are something that I don’t see that often these days – so they always remind me of when I was much younger. I love the vibrancy of these fields and they were always such a cheerful sight from afar. I liked to imagine they were actually fields of sunflowers!


  2. Wow this is so pretty! We have fields of yellow here also but from what I am told it is mustard. I thought it was a bit early (by few months) but the folks at the extension office insist. Super capture!


    1. Thank you David. Your comment led me to research mustard and it seems as if oilseed rape is from the same family as mustard. The flowers are very similar but the leaves look a bit different (it’s all pretty confusing actually!). Mustard is grown in England but in an area in the East called ‘The Fens’. It’s grown for the famous Colman’s Mustard company in Norfolk.


  3. Yay ! I saw a yellow field from the bus the other day and know just the place to find one, I’ll join you with a yellow picture soon hopefully, they’re so pretty. 🙂


  4. Oh, you take me right back to my travels to France. I always had to stop to appreciate and to try to give photographic justice to the lovely canola fields. I’m delighted to see this, and to know that you have the same passion. Well done!


  5. Such vibrant yellows and greens. I should try and get out to the country more often, it’s just so beautiful and colourful, you could lose yourself for hours


  6. It’s a beautiful photo, Meanderer…we have dandelions in bloom all across the parks over here…while not as elegant as yours, they are pretty to behold. 🙂


    1. I spoke to a professional gardener a few days ago who said that women don’t generally like yellow flowers. I strongly disagreed as I love them. I’m pleased you love yellow too. Thank you Nandini!


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