Pulsatilla Seedhead

I was amazed to see what the seedhead of the Pulsatilla (Pasque flower) looked like when I saw them at the National Trust gardens last weekend.

It’s such a wonderful flower in all its different stages from bud through to flower and now to seedhead. I would really like to have some of these beautiful plants in the garden!

43 thoughts on “Pulsatilla Seedhead

  1. That is a fabulous picture, it looks like it’s radiating green light from within! Great shot, well cropped, good choice of aperture, lovely 😀


  2. Great capture! So soft looking and interesting with the green. I was just at a botanical garden and took photos of the same flower, both blooming and at the same stage as your photo.


    1. Thank you Helen. I keep wanting to call it Midsomer Morton, but it was Mottisfont in Hampshire. It’s very beautiful and I was disappointed to have had to leave early because of the thorough soaking I got. I would definitely like to visit it again.


    1. Thank you Truels! I could do with a bit of green spring energy myself. It seems that we have returned to Autumn here with the heavy rain, cold temps and strong, damaging, winds!


  3. Oh that’s nice, that’s extremely eye-catching!!! Looks like some monstrous green and purple multi-octopus going mad – and having it fill the frame is exactly right! Great stuff! Wow! Adrian


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