Sky and Branches

When I woke up this morning I thought I’d slept through the rest of Spring and all of Summer and had woken up during November! The weather is really quite abysmal for this time of year with the approach of that lovely month of Maypoles, Morris Dancing, long warm evenings, glasses of wine in the garden and the beginning of the Summer perennial flowers – oh, and two Bank Holiday weekends : – )

To accompany the heavy downpours of rain, we have had very strong winds overnight and during this morning. The temperature has dropped several degrees and I’m having to pile on the layers of clothes once again. We’ve gone from drought warnings to flood warnings in the blink of an eye here in England.

I haven’t been able to get out to photograph anything since last weekend but here is one from last Sunday about an hour before I got drenched! I like the way the cloud shapes seem to echo the knobbly branches.

26 thoughts on “Sky and Branches

    1. I’m in the South West which is getting a real lashing from the rain and winds! I’m getting a little bored with it now too I must admit although everything does look lush! I shall be going shopping this week for waterproof trousers and boots as I have a holiday in the Dales to prepare for and I know it is going to be very muddy and wet and extremely claggy : – )


        1. I’ve had dreams of photographing the scenery up there but I’ve looked at a couple of webcams from the area and it’s looking pretty misty! Also, a couple of rivers have burst their banks in Yorkshire including the Ouse.


    1. It looked promising but then a little while later the clouds dropped everything they were holding onto us! It started to brighten up here about an hour ago and I thought I might get out for a walk this afternoon but it has started to pour again. I’m getting cabin fever!


  1. Hello, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award


  2. Great photo…I love looking up at trees and shuts with the sky as a background. The clouds in this shot do echo the knobby branches! We have been having wacky weather here in the States also. Warm and spring like for a few days and then back to frosty mornings!


    1. Thank you David. It’s interesting and also important to record these weather fluctuations. Perhaps it’s always been this way but we never took as much notice. I don’t know.


  3. They do, indeed, echo the knobbly branches…very pretty words to accompany the picture…I didn’t even need to look at the photo, the words were enough. 🙂


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