Spring Blush

Here is a photograph of some pretty pink blossom which I saw just over a week ago. I thought I’d post it today to celebrate a brief return to Spring-like weather after all the rain, strong winds and cold temps of recent days. It was lovely walking home from work in the dry and warm, with a glimpse of blue sky and watery sun.

20 thoughts on “Spring Blush

  1. I don’t what they are, but the color is the same as my apple buds. The leaves are different. They are so pretty, it doesn’t seem that the rain bothered them much.


    1. My first thought was apples but they didn’t seem to have thick branches or very much in the way of support so I’m not sure. I really should try to find out these things rather than simply seeing the beauty! Thank you Sandy.


  2. Hello Meanderer, thanks for taking the trouble to read my blog and for liking it enough to follow. I’ll look forward to seeing many more of your photos…


    1. Thank you Steve. I was so pleased to have discovered your blog through Diana J Hale’s blog. Your writing has a resonance with me and I will be back to read more.


  3. Yesterday was cold, windy, and rainy here, but today is much nicer too–and tomorrow even warmer (low 80sF). It’s sp great to have the good spring weather back–I also love to walk when it’s like this.


    1. I’m so pleased you’ve had a return to Spring weather too, Gary. Sitting here this morning at 7.40 am: it’s grey and pouring with rain again – but warm.


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