Bedraggled Blossom

Some cherry blossom, blown off a tree during the strong winds of the past few days, sits floating in a puddle along with other twigs and bits. When I photographed it yesterday afternoon, the weather felt a little more Spring-like with warmer temps and the sun breaking through the large white clouds.

19 thoughts on “Bedraggled Blossom

    1. Many thanks Colors on the Road; I’m pleased you like this one. I saw it yesterday morning but didn’t have my camera with me. Fortunately it was still there later in the day.


    1. Thank you Cocomino. I wasn’t sure whether to post it because it shows the fallen blossom in a less than flattering position, but there was something about it that drew me to it. It still has a beauty about it as it lies there in the dappled light, I think. I have a bit of a thing for fallen blossom, twigs, and things.


  1. life treats us that way sometimes, doesn’t it? hopefully we’ll retain our inner beauty even when we’ve been cast about and thrown on the ground…. pretty picture, Meanderer…thank you…as always….


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