Nettle Boulder

I took this photograph on Monday (Bank Holiday Monday) when we had a lovely glimpse of sunshine after all the rain. Just before the sun hid behind a large white cloud I managed to photograph this warm-coloured boulder with the adjacent nettles in shadow. I don’t think they look like nettles – the wind must have blown the leaves in the opposite direction making them look like something else altogether!

21 thoughts on “Nettle Boulder

        1. Many thanks Skipping Stones. The colour of the rock drew my attention at first but then the sun came out and created the nettle shadow. It does look very much like winged creatures doesn’t it?!


  1. That’s good, Meanderer! To me, the interest is in those wonderful shadows, and I think I would site the shot’s upper margin either at the top of the shadow on the right margin, or at the top of the shadow that is about a third of the way in from the right. Good stuff! Adrian


    1. While I think of it, I can’t see any box to tick here, to be automatically informed of any other posts on this post – incl your reply if you make one. I’m sure your blog had these tick boxes before. Adrian


      1. Ah – sorry about that; I removed it today. WordPress had changed things so that the box for notification of further comments was ticked by default. I had read in the forums (fora) that people weren’t happy as they were getting lots of unwanted emails from bloggers. I therefore decided to remove it. In light of your comment, I’ll put it back and see what happens – although it will be too late for this post. Many thanks.


    2. Thank you Adrian. I know exactly what you mean; after I posted I thought I’d have a look to see what it would look like cropped to just above the leaves on the right! It does work well. I just never think to crop enough at times!


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