Sparkling Wonder

I took this photograph of a dandelion seedhead this morning before I went to work. I still feel a child-like sense of wonder when I look at the form and patterns of these much photographed seedheads – particularly when they catch the sun like this.

Today, the cold, damp, grey Spring has given way to a much more Summery feel. It was quite a surprise to feel the very hot sunshine on my skin when I walked to work today. Temps are in the mid-twenties Celsius and the sky has been a lovely shade of blue. Wonderful!

43 thoughts on “Sparkling Wonder

    1. Many thanks for your very kind words Sue; I appreciate it.
      There’s a patch in the garden where quite a few dandelions have sprung up and have gone to seed. This one looked particularly pretty!


  1. Oh now that is hitting below the belt >>> that is painfully beautiful, Meanderer! KEEP that sense of wonder, whatever you do! I’m going to reblog this. KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!! Adrian


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and the reblog Adrian – I really appreciate it. Yep – lets KEEP ON KEEPING ON! πŸ™‚ (Emoticons are visible on this theme now 😎 ).


  2. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    I’m a fan of mono, and of simplicity and Minimalism. Well, this Dandelion seedhead from Meanderer is complex within itself of course, but I find this a photo of great simplicity, and one that is achingly beautiful. FATman


  3. One of my favorite things to photograph is the dandelion too (perhaps also because there are plenty of them here). I love that this was done in B&W, I think it brings out the details more.


    1. There was a time when I would have wanted to pull them all up but not these days. I appreciate the beauty of these pretty and complex wildflowers these days and what they bring to the wilder part of the garden. Thank you Gracie.


  4. Sometimes we get so caught up in declaring war on dandelions, we forget how beautiful they are. Glad I live in the country, where it’s no big deal to have a few weeds in the lawn! The lighting in this shot is just lovely.


    1. Many thanks Jane. You’re right – it is easy to forget how beautiful and complex they are! We have a wild area at the bottom of the garden where they are multiplying successfully!


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