Queen on the Green

I seem to have a habit of being away on holiday whenever it is one of the Queen’s major celebrations! I was abroad on a school trip in 1977 during the Silver Jubilee – my only memory of which is watching fireworks on the hotel TV during the evening.

I have no recollection of the Golden Jubilee apart from Brian May playing ‘God Save the Queen’ on the roof of Buckingham Palace (that memory was only jolted by a clip on the news yesterday of him playing!).

This time – for the Diamond Jubilee – I was on a rather action-packed holiday in the Yorkshire Dales and missed most of the fun until I caught a glimpse of ……… no, it couldn’t have been ………..


For more information on ‘probably the smallest gallery in the world’ see their website: Gallery on The Green, Settle.

18 thoughts on “Queen on the Green

  1. *chuckle*!! Someone’s got a nice sense of humour 🙂
    I wasn’t in the UK for the Golden Jubilee – and I have also missed this big fanfare of a Diamond Jubilee.. so the only other one I could have possibly been around for was the Silver Jubilee. I don’t remember much (being only 5 at the time) other than the primary school had loads of bunting hanging up in the gymnasium (was it raining for the Jubilee in Wiltshire that year??) – and I still have my commemorative Silver Jubilee mug!!


    1. 🙂 I was living near Windsor at the time of the Silver Jubilee. I’m not sure if it was raining there but it was certainly pouring down in Belgium at the time! All I remember is buying a Jubilee mug and a lollipop which I probably bought in Windsor, and seeing the fireworks on Belgian telly. I’ve also just remembered my older sister making bunting for their street party. Oh, and I also remember the Rock Follies sang a song about the Silver Jubilee (you’re far too young to remember them but my friends and I thought they were pretty cool!).


    1. The red telephone boxes are iconic images – along with the village green – in the UK. It’s a shame the telephone boxes were replaced by something boring! Thank you Cocomino.


    1. Indeed. I only found out about it after visiting one of the other galleries in Settle. I then had to ask another artist how to find it as it’s in a residential area some way from the town. It was pouring with rain when I photographed it.


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