Seat with a View

A lovely inviting red seat situated on the platform at Garsdale Railway Station – five miles to the west of Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales. It is one of the stations on the famous Settle-Carlisle line which takes in some amazing scenery including many viaducts.

The weather had changed that day from the very hot and sunny conditions we had during the first part of our holiday to rain, cold and low cloud but it was still a wonderful experience. I loved the wide open space and remoteness.

A lovely – and once again inviting – wooden bench overlooking the lush scenery and mist-topped hills in Wharfedale. We were winding our way towards the Peak District through the Southern Yorkshire Dales when we stopped here for a meal break. We couldn’t see very much for a lot of the drive as the hills were covered in thick low cloud but the river valleys were so beautiful. It is a very pretty place and one we would like to investigate further for a future visit.

28 thoughts on “Seat with a View

    1. Many thanks for your insightful words Cocomino. Yes – it makes me wonder if the people who painted the red bench did so with the reds in the landscape in mind. Also, the wooden bench works well with the surrounding trees.


  1. Beautiful shots, Meanderer…and beautiful places to sit and relax…watching the world go by as quickly or as slowly as it might in such places. πŸ™‚


          1. I love how that happens…I’ve had a similar experience with hiking out in the mountains. I missed a fork in a trail a few weeks ago and ended-up taking a much longer hike than I had intended…several miles and hours longer…and the next day at work, images of the hike would suddenly appear in my mind…repeatedly throughout the day…it was so nice having those unprompted mini-vacations appearing on their own…so nice…. πŸ™‚


            1. How wonderful! The consoling and soothing nature of Nature. I think I’ve mentioned before the claustrophobic environment at work – well it seems to have been alleviated by the dreams and memories of the wide-open landscape I escaped to during my holiday. We really do know what’s good for us – if we would only be aware and listen to it πŸ™‚


  2. I love the different strips of textures and the contrast between the man-made and natural elements and the red seat completes a masterly composition.


    1. Many thanks Calvin. I wondered at first whether to crop out the railway lines and pipes and so on, but felt it complemented the textures and shapes in the scenery. The stations along this line are very attractive.


        1. It seems crazy doesn’t it? Hosepipe bans because of the driest couple of Winters in a while and then guess what happens: the wettest something or other in ‘x’ amount of years! It’s somehow reassuring that we don’t have the measure of Nature πŸ™‚


  3. I enjoyed looking at the photos and reading your commentary on your holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. I like the way you have included the splashes of red to contrast with the lush greens. It would be very peaceful sitting on the red seat at Garsdale Railway Station on a fine day gazing across the fields and listening to the twittering of birds.


    1. Thanks so much Margaret. There was so much peace and open space – such a wonderful place to unwind from the hurly burly of everyday life. The pace is certainly slower in the Dales. I very much hope to return.


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