Lion and Wheel

A photograph of the crest used by British Railways between 1948 (after Nationalisation) and 1956 – The ‘Lion and Wheel’ – also affectionately (or perhaps disparagingly!) known as ‘The Cycling Lion’.

I photographed the crest on one of the windows at Ribblehead Railway Station – close to the famous Ribblehead viaduct – on a gloomy, rainy day. The sky was many shades of grey, the rain at times heavy, and the puddles deep. We stopped off here in order to walk down and photograph the viaduct, and were surprised to find that the station housed a museum full of interesting information about the Settle-Carlisle line.

The surrounding landscape here is wild and forbidding and the weather changes from fine to extreme within minutes. Apart from a few parked vehicles belonging to unseen walkers – and the odd photographer – the Station Inn – a few minutes walk from the station –  is the only sign of human presence in the area. It also boasts the ‘loo with a view’ available to men who use the facilities!


14 thoughts on “Lion and Wheel

    1. Thank you Cocomino. Yes – the lion stands for pride so maybe that’s why they chose it as their symbol. The railways have gone through many ups and downs but – for me – they hold a special place – albeit a Romantic one!


    1. Thank you David. It’s a hark back to the past – a Romantic time with regard to the Railways. These days, the prices are high and there is the overcrowding issue, but there is still pleasure to be had on the ‘Heritage’ railways and the wonderful scenic railway lines such as the superbly scenic Settle-Carlisle line.


    1. Thank you Sandy. No, we drove but we spent a day on the scenic Settle-Carlisle line. I love trains and railway stations. If I had the time I would probably be a train spotter.


    1. The poles and lines are important to me here. They add to the bleakness. I also decided to leave part of the wall visible – and the blind cord. Thank you Sallyann – I’m pleased you like these bits too!


    1. Thank you Calvin. I’m pleased it brought back a few memories. I have very happy memories of rail transport as my parents didn’t drive and we either travelled by glorious train or awful coach! I have much affection for trains.


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