Love in a Mist (2)

A photograph of one of the more delicate-looking, lighter-coloured Nigellas in the garden. These unusual cottage-style flowers have bloomed late this year and they aren’t as prolific as last year – a result of the dry Winter and early Spring perhaps.

28 thoughts on “Love in a Mist (2)

    1. Thank you Cocomino. Yes – I wanted to give attention to the flower’s web of ‘leaves’, and also the darker coloured Nigellas in the background. I’m pleased you like it 🙂


    1. Many thanks Diana. I highly recommend these sweet little flowers for a dry spot in the garden. They seem to tolerate a fair amount of shade too and when happy will self-seed around the garden.


    1. Many thanks Nandini! They are amongst my favourite flowers but there doesn’t seem to be as many of them – or other Spring-Summer flowers – in the garden this year (due to the strange weather I think!).


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