Caught in the Act?

A beautifully-coloured beetle (a rose chafer I think) appears to be the main suspect with regard to the munched edges of this Brunner Jack Frost leaf. I’m not sure that he is to blame, however, so I have given him the benefit of the doubt!

These leaves do seem to be getting munched quite a bit this Spring which is a shame as they are so attractive.  Just as well the beetle and I are not sharing this leaf for food!

23 thoughts on “Caught in the Act?

    1. I do have an affection for beetles – they are often such beneficial creatures in the garden and will keep aphids at bay. I would like to think I would share with him according to our needs: big bit for me; smaller morsel for him 🙂 He might have other ideas, however!


    1. I hadn’t heard of the Japanese Beetle and after an internet search I’m not sure if they are prevalent in the UK but I would need to delve further. Our roses seem intact at present so the jury is out with regard to this little fella. I’ll need to do some further research! Many thanks for the heads up Sue.


    1. Many thanks afrenchgarden. I am an organic gardener and seek to live in harmony with the creatures who visit. It might just be a case of wrong plant in the wrong place which is why it is getting attacked. I’ll keep a look-out for further visits!


    1. Thank you Yearstricken. It’s not easy to choose a theme but this relatively new one is very nice. I like the way the recent photographs are featured in a side-bar. I also like the way the posts are in excerpt form rather than large photos. It won’t take so long to load the pages (I think!).


  1. Definitely what we call a Japanese beetle here (Popilla japonica). Rose chafers (Macrodactylus subspinosus) are much smaller and thinner, with light yellow-tan wing cases. One great source of ID help is Great shot, Meanderer!


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