The strange weather we have had so far this year in England has had some interesting effects on plant – and insect – life. Spring and Summer flowers are diminished – or absent – compared to last year – except roses which seem far more abundant this year. As a result, I have seen very few bees and butterflies which is quite concerning.

Trees and green leafy plants are dominant – so much so that it seems a daunting task to get on top of the garden at present.

Grasses are particularly beautiful – and abundant – at the moment – I’ve never seen them looking so lovely with their various pretty coloured and shaped flowers.

26 thoughts on “Grassflower

    1. Thank you Cocomino. Yes – it’s interesting to observe the effects the weather has on Nature. There aren’t many butterflies around as a result of fewer wildflowers – which is worrying.


  1. Our altered weather pattern has produced an abundance of butterflies. Spiders that would not survive the winter have had an extended life and have grown larger. Beautiful shot. 🙂


    1. How interesting elmediat. I have seen very few butterflies so far this year – and there are fewer bees too. Something strange has happened to flowers but leafy plants are doing very well!


    1. Many thanks Peggy. The grasses look absolutely beautiful – they seem to have come into their own with the curious weather we’ve been having. There are swathes of pinks intermingled with greens along footpaths everywhere!


  2. The grasses are really nice here, too. We had an above average amount of butterflies in the spring, but in the past weeks, they have thinned out. What a lot of muted colors in this grass. It reminds me of really nice wool.


    1. Thank you Truels. When one thinks of grass it’s usually the clipped sort in lawns or in municipal areas but the wild grasses in meadows and fields next to farm land are so lovely.


    1. Thank you Sallyann. The thickness of these particular grass flowers helped me to get the shot. Some flowers are so fine and wispy, I find it hard to get them in focus!


  3. Nice coloring to the grass! I have also seen fewer butterflies and bees, although I have seen an increase in plant pests. We had a very mild winter, so it’s not surprising that some things are atypical.


    1. I don’t know its name (I’m getting lazy in my attempts at ID!). I will find out (it might not be easy!). Many thanks Terry – the grasses are so lovely this year.


  4. I like that a lot, Meanderer! I think its due to the lovely, gentle, muted colours, and the wonderful directional textures – good stuff!

    Apologies for lateness of reply – email has been out! Adrian


    1. Thanks so much Brandon – that’s very kind. Flowers have taken a bit of a back seat this year due to our weird weather but grasses and trees are doing very well.


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