Breezy Barley

Tired of the rain and never-ending grey skies I have looked through my archives of 2011 to find a photograph of some beloved Barley – one of my favourite photographic subjects of that year. I noticed that Barley is being grown in the same fields as last year which I thought was a ‘no-no’ but I’m not an expert in things agricultural. I have noticed that the crops don’t look as good – quite lack-lustre really – so I haven’t photographed them this year.

32 thoughts on “Breezy Barley

    1. Thank you Cocomino. I think its the grey skies that get to me more than the rain. The grey drabness makes me want to hibernate! I’m pleased you like the new icon – it’s a crop of the ‘Looking Up’ image šŸ™‚


  1. Love the movement in this shot. I have never seen barley in person, but will have to check and see if anyone around here grows this crop. As you say…it’s such a graceful plant!


    1. Do check it out David – I find it not only beautiful to look at but I also love its calming and soothing qualities due to its graceful fluid movement. Many thanks šŸ™‚


  2. I was thinking about your barley shots just the other day. The muted colors in the stocks is amazing. I can just imagine the grain blowing in the wind.


    1. Thank you Sandy. The colours were very pretty that year. This year the Barley looks quite dull in comparison. I wonder why they planted it two years in a row – with crop rotation rules and so on.


  3. Ohhh … why does poison look so lovely! šŸ˜‰ I’m allergic to all sorts of crops, including barley.

    (If I remember correctly the traditional thing used to be a 3 year rotation of the same crop, then leaving the land fallow for a year and then switching the crop. Got that from High School history though, so no guarantees šŸ˜‰ )


    1. Thank you Sallyann. I did take a lot of photos of Barley last year and featured it quite a bit! I’m pleased it brought back memories of those lovely sunny days – something I miss in the midst of the greyness we’re having this year!


  4. Nice shot! Good contrast of the green and purple. This brings back memories of growing up – good and not so good. We raised this crop among others. It was always prettiest when green, but very itchy, dusty and irritating to the nose/throat/eyes/skin when harvesting.


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