Another photograph of one of the raindrop-splashed daisies from last weekend. I converted this image to B&W first of all but changed my mind about posting it as I was in need of some brightness. It’s been another day of prolonged rain and dark grey skies again today.

29 thoughts on “Sunworshipping

  1. It does look like sunshine! I do hope you get a bit of sun this summer. We seem to be having a goldilocks year — some places,too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry.


  2. You have fond memories of sun, and we have fond memories of rain. The temperature here climbed to 34 C today, and we really could use some. Nevertheless, I was out in the garden with a camera before the sun rose too high, and results may well appear shortly. Meanwhile, daisies are CD’s favorite flower, and this one of yours is a beauty.


    1. Many thanks Gary. Seems as if we are each having extremes of weather. This Summer has been the wettest on record in England. I looked at the forecast today and it seems that the Jet Stream may be moving slightly more to the North – a result of the Azores high. We might have a little more settled weather next week as a result. Hope you get some rain and cooler temps soon.


    1. Thank you David. We’ve had so much rain (although this week has seen a change to Summery conditions) and the flowers generally have faded into the background a bit but these looked like they were made for it!


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