Looking Up (II)

I had an idea last weekend to try and capture some of the fluffy-looking flowers of an umbellifer (in this case: Hogweed) set amidst big fluffy white clouds. During my walk a couple of days ago I looked for a suitable plant and had a go. The clouds here aren’t as big and fluffy as I would have liked but I don’t mind; it’s great to have the blue sky! It looks like the weather is set fair for the week ahead – as indicated not only by Met Office forecasters but also by my recently-acquired barometer! (This morning’s reading: 1016 millibars).

29 thoughts on “Looking Up (II)

    1. Indeed – although full sunshine isn’t the best for Nature photographs. I’ll have to try and find the time (and make the effort) to get up and out very early in the morning!


  1. Very pretty alternative view…. I think we call your flower “Cow Parsnip” over here…was just taking some photos of it a couple of days ago out on my hike in the mountains….. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Many thanks Margaret! Yes – the mingling of the white fluffy flowers and clouds was what I was after – a merging of similar form and colour. I’d like to have another go with the clouds featured a little more prominently.


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