30 thoughts on “Stacks of Fun

  1. Absolutely superb, Meanderer – well, you know me >>> that really blows my mind! Whatever it is you’re on, make sure you get more of it! In fact I’m going to reblog it – and no I haven’t been at the cider >>> yet! Adrian


    1. Many thanks Adrian! I’m glad you like this one. It makes such a difference with the rotation – and if I hadn’t come across your work I probably wouldn’t have thought of rotating images – so thank you!


  2. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    As you perhaps know, I’ll stop at nothing to “enhance” an image’s looks – rotation, flipping, cropping, jumping up and down on it – you name it! Well, here from Meanderer is an absolutely wonderful example of what can be achieved from a simple 180 degree rotation – just look at it! The reflections of the house’s chimneys are the right way up, the two bushes are probably strange, but not outrageously so, having yellow flowers below and darker ones above – and to add to all this we have a nice area of grass in the foreground. So all this, which might actually be just about believable ->>> and then we are blown apart by a sky or cavern roof that is also grassy! I love this – its been done so simply and yet the result is so striking – great stuff! FATman


    1. Thank you Sandy. It is a reflection of a narrow tributary which runs through someone’s garden! Apart from the merest adjustment in saturation and contrast (and the rotation) it is how I saw it!


  3. This one really took me by surprise. It makes me feel as if I’d stepped into one of those “fun” houses in which the floors slant dangerously and the walls are outrageous trapezoids. What an amazing image, Meanderer!


  4. Strange and funny – yes!
    I’ve been away (in Tanzania) for some time. Back again now I’m trying to be updated with my daily world (and blogging) – and a lot of photos!


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