Confined Light

A view through a couple of panes of glass and a brick wall to the light beyond. There’s something about the angles and shapes here that I like; my first thought was: a trapezium (some vague rememberance from school maths classes many moons ago) but I’m not entirely sure if the quadrilateral shape of the blinds and clouds is a trapezium. I discovered that there are many different definitions of ‘trapezium’ and ‘trapezoid’. In UK terms a trapezium is defined as a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides whereas the opposite is the case in the US – a trapezium is a quadrilateral with no parallel sides – and on it goes ….. . Conversly a trapezoid works the other way around.

Basically, however, this image is a symbolic one. I work in an environment – like many others when I think about it – which lacks natural light and space. It has a wearying effect after a time.

30 thoughts on “Confined Light

    1. Thank you Cocomino. I agree – it is important to feel nature in the workplace. It’s not good to have artificial light for long periods during the daytime – and a lack of fresh air.


  1. Great picture, but I agree with you about the natural light, it’s one of those things that we don’t realise how much we need it till we don’t have enough of it.


    1. Thank you Sallyann. Yes you’re right. I worked long hours last week and the lack of natural light and space and fresh air took its toll! I have extra time off this week – which is nice 🙂


  2. Excellent image, M, right up there with your best – an incredible abstract! You’re getting good in your old age …. can’t do the smiley thing but otherwise I would …

    I love the whole thing, but its particularly good that you’ve got the top left point of the window touching the top margin of the frame – exactly where it should be! Let’s have more like this! Adrian


    1. Many thanks for your kind words Adrian. To be honest – I had this image lined up to post for a few days but wasn’t sure about posting it. Somehow – although I like it – it didn’t seem like me – it’s not typical of my work I think! I guess that’s what happens when one steps outside one’s artistic comfort zone – one feels uncomfortable with it for a while 🙂 It also has quite complex symbolism for me and maybe that’s what I was uncomfortable with; not sure.

      My original version didn’t have the left point touching the edge but I decided to crop it to make it less supported by the frame and also to make it more of my imagined trapezium! It is stronger than the original.

      Phew! What a lot of analysis!


    1. Many thanks Truels although this isn’t a photo of my workplace. It would be good to have a window like this! You are very fortunate where you work – how wonderful. It must be an interesting place to work. Do they have any jobs going? 😉


  3. Love this. The first thing I thought when I saw this was ‘escape’. It’s like the brick wall is between ‘you’ and everything else, dreams, aspirations, inspiration… life. ‘You’ just need to climb the wall that is holding ‘you’ ‘in’ or ‘back’ to get ‘there’.


    1. Once again, Littleskew, you have interpreted one of my images with precise insight! That means a lot to me – especially as I’m currently focused on ways to climb that wall. It’s looming large and I need to find a higher pair of heels or a stepping stone or something …….


  4. Very effective & intriguing image. So may interpretations. It definitely suggests the conflict of the natural environment & man-made environment.


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