Sunflower Petals

A close-up of a deep orange and yellow Sunflower that I saw today at one of my favourite country gardens. They are grown amongst vegetables in a kitchen garden and always look so attractive.

It has been a very hot and humid week but it looks like rain is on its way. The barometer dropped quite a bit today.

53 thoughts on “Sunflower Petals

  1. Love love love, closeups on flowers, and no one really ever thinks to photograph the side of the flower (especially sun flowers since they are so big to begin with) So kudos on this picture! I love it 🙂

    ~My Blog


  2. What gorgeous colors, textures, and lines. I can’t get enough of macro shots these days… something about slowing down and looking close. Glad I found your blog! 🙂


    1. Many thanks Emily. Oh yes – slowing down and stopping to look is something important to me too. I haven’t taken as many macro shots this year though – not entirely sure why!


    1. Many thanks Farmhouse Stories. They have some wonderful varieties of Sunflower in this kitchen garden. The heads are smaller than the traditional type but the colours are amazing – ranging from orange to the striped varieties through to deep bronze coloured ones.


    1. Many thanks Paula. Yes – flower macros are still one of my favourite photographic subjects. I haven’t photographed as many flowers this year though as the Spring and early Summer ones haven’t done so well compared to leafy plants and grasses – due to the weather. It’s good to see late Summer flowers doing well though.


    1. Thank you Adrian. I’m pleased you like it; I cropped quite a bit and rotated the image 90 degrees! I love Sunflowers with these colours and patterns! They are some of my favourite late-Summer flowers.


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