A purple convolvulus (Morning Glory) unfurling on a mid-August afternoon.

Although temps are high – and the humidity at present very uncomfortable – I like this time of year when Summer begins to give way to Autumn. I love the softer light, the more mellow sound of bird-song, the whirring and droning sound of combine harvesters late at night, the gathering in of the crops.

39 thoughts on “Unfurling

    1. Many thanks David. It’s interesting to see how flowers are formed from bud to full-flower stage. I expect it is open and revelling in all its Glory now! I saw a bud on the same plant tightly wound into a spiral but I didn’t have success photographing it.


  1. I love this time of year, too. Well, not the fact that the garden looks past its prime, but all the rest. I just have the ordinary kind of morning glory. These sure look interesting.


    1. Thank you Fergie. It’s just wonderful during the transition between Summer and Autumn: all that fruit and flower and creatures and all those colours – oh: and the soft light!


    1. Many thanks Adrian. I sometimes forget about the background when I’m going for a macro shot but this time I was very aware of the soft one-colour backdrop! I photographed another of these blooms today – tightly wound in a spiral. Will post shortly.


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