Betwixt Seasons

As late Summer merges with a nascent Autumn this oak-leaf Hydrangea shows its colours and comes into the spotlight.

Although it is still very warm and humid, the nights are drawing in, the light is softening, the birdsong is mellow, the various squares and rectangles of rural fields contain only golden-brown stubble now with haystack giants waiting to be collected. Meanwhile, late Summer flowers and leaves revel in the softer, kinder, light.

26 thoughts on “Betwixt Seasons

  1. Beautiful! Although I am looking forward to Autumn which will bring lots of wonderful photo opportunities, I don’t think I am ready for the drop in temperature yet…


    1. Thank you Gracie. That’s what’s so wonderful about celebrating the transition: warm temps mixed with soft light and plenty of colour! (I don’t like the cold temps either!).


  2. We have a large one of these as well, and it’s one of our favorite plants. It’s really interesting that then can be producing new, bright green leaves well into late summer. You’ve inspired me to go out and have another close look at ours as well. Thanks, Meanderer!


    1. Thank you Gary. Plants have been doing unusual things during the Seasons this year due to the weird weather we’ve been getting. Seeing new leaves with turning ones seems par for the course this year ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you Fergie. It always comes as a surprise to me at this time of year – as Summer seems to be in full swing in many respects – when plants begin to show the signs of Autumn.


    1. Thank you Scott. It’s been a strange year so far with regard to the weather and its effect on plants and wildlife. We often see a subtle change, however, at this time of year from Summer to Autumn. I love it!


  3. I have noticed some very early leaf colour change . We have had a week of cool wet weather. The temp slightly below the norm at night. Your composition is beautiful . Love the blend of the natural and abstract pattern.


    1. Thank you Elmediat. Interesting that you have noticed leaf change too. We get caught up in the excitement of late Summer and then are often surprised that some leaves do begin to change at this time of year.


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