Butterfly Garden

A Comma Butterfly makes an interesting silhouette as it nourishes itself with the nectar of this tall blue flower – hanging upside down as it does so. Commas are interesting butterflies as their crenelated shape often mimics a dry leaf – very useful camouflage. The white marking on the wing is said to resemble a comma – hence the common name. This particular Comma stayed and fed on this flower for a couple of hours.

18 thoughts on “Butterfly Garden

    1. Thank you Sandy. They are very striking. I have a photo of the same butterfly with its upper-side showing. I’ll post in a few days. This wasn’t my garden but another that I like to visit.


  1. Such an interesting butterfly. At first, I thought the wings were very worn and tattered since I have not seen this butterfly before. I also like the snail that’s partially hidden and keeping a low profile on the flower. Great shot!


    1. Thank you Fergie. Yes – they have a tattered-looking outline to convince predators that they are leaves. Makes one wonder why all butterflies aren’t made with the same outline doesn’t it?!

      I’m pleased you spotted the snail!


    1. Thank you Sallyann. Yes – it’s really good camouflage although this butterfly was standing out quite a bit against the surrounding plants and background. When open and sitting amongst leaves, they are really hard to see.


  2. To me this is quite a striking and unusual picture, for three reasons. First, the Comma is caught wonderfully and very sharply in silhouette – which is not the usual way that butterflies are portrayed – I like this very sharp and jagged silhouette very much! Dead center is just the place for it.

    Then there is the blurred and subdued backdrop, which might be anything – is it a wall? – and which lends the picture a useful degree of unreality or strangeness.

    And finally, we can’t see the various plants growing in anything, they are just sticking up between the viewer and that strange backdrop; and they are of variouis species, and some sharp, some not so >>> and to me this combination of features, built up around that stunning central silhouette, all works very well indeed! Good stuff! Adrian


    1. Many thanks for your feedback and kind words on this one Adrian. I delayed posting it for a few days because I wasn’t sure how to present it. To see one of these butterflies side-on in silhouette is unusual – I don’t think I have seen it before – and it was all the more strange as it was feeding upside down! I did wonder whether to rotate 180 degrees in order to show it the right way up but the consensus at home was to leave it as it is (the flowers looked very strange upside down!).

      The background is a wall – a mottled lime-washed one. I wasn’t sure about the central composition but – as you say – the butterfly has to be there; it’s too important to place at the side. I think it lends an other-worldliness to the photo!

      Many thanks once again.


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