Pink Yarrow

A pink Yarrow (Achillea). Yarrow is a wonderful plant which comes in many different colours and which attracts a variety of insects. This pink variety has something of an ‘old-fashioned’ feel which appeals to me.

24 thoughts on “Pink Yarrow

    1. Thank you Sue! I saw this at a newly-planted Centenary Garden and thought it looked beautiful. They had deep yellows too which were very pretty. I know the terracotta one of which you speak and I love that too.


  1. A beautiful close up of such a wonderful plant. Yarrow makes a great addition to the composting process also via spent blooms….I’ve even used the leaves as a mulch against hot summer temperatures.


    1. Thank you Eremophila. That’s interesting regarding the composting and mulch. I love these flowers and tried to grow them in a nice sunny spot which I thought would be ideal but they didn’t do very well. Will have to try again.


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