Ebb and Flow

What attracted me to this scene was the contrast between the flowing movement of the grass-like ‘leaves’ of the chalkstream water crowfoot at the bottom and the static algae at the top. The flowers of the crowfoot have breached the algae in order to sit almost encapsulated by the latter. I’ve somehow linked the symbolism of the image to my work situation but haven’t quite worked out why – or maybe I have.

18 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow

  1. This is a great photo! I have retired from my part-time job at the library. The stress is gone but in life there will always be challenges..I hope things smooth out for you..


    1. Many thanks Roberta. I’m pleased that you have relief from the stress your job brought. I’m also thinking about some changes although I’m yet to formulate a firm idea.


    1. Many thanks Sheila. I’m not sure whether – subconsciously – I thought about the symbolism first or whether it came later. Yes – it’s wonderful that the flowers have emerged despite seemingly being choked.


    1. Thank you Terry. The chalkstream water crowfoot is a fascinating river plant. It reminds me of tresses of hair! I try to hope for the best with work although sometimes it’s difficult!


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