Cloud Spinner

How to describe this image: a strange ‘spinner’ type object sits amidst the clouds. The reality: a reflection of clouds in a metal ‘distance compass’ situated on the top of Pepperbox Hill in Wiltshire rotated 180 degrees. The words ‘New Forest’ can just about be made out.

Answers or even questions on a postcard please ……

38 thoughts on “Cloud Spinner

    1. Many thanks Steve. I often wonder whether to give too much info away with regard to abstracts! I cropped a lot of the landscape out as I decided to focus purely on the ‘object’ and the clouds. Perhaps the ‘object’ could explain away some of the sightings of crop circles – although I haven’t been aware of too many this year …….


    1. Thank you Adrian. I had the original image for a few weeks and was undecided at to how to present it. I was originally going to include the landscape and rotate but at the last minute decided to crop out all landscape and just have the sky, clouds, and object!


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