All A Board!

The Swanage Folk Festival came around again this weekend and I was there today to watch the Morris and various other dance sides come together for the procession through the town.

It was the busiest I have ever seen it – the town was bustling – probably due to the glorious Summery weather.

I felt a little weary and over-heated having walked around Durlston Head ealier before walking around Swanage town itself, so I sat myself on a handy rock waiting for the dancers to set off. There were many of the familiar ‘sides’ which turn out every year looking resplendent in their costumes but then I noticed a group of ladies in gingham suits with what looked like large tea trays in their hands. I wondered whether they were simply going to walk along with aformentioned trays in hand when all of a sudden they stopped, dropped the boards on the floor, and began to dance on top of them.

I immediately leaped off the rock I had been resting on in order to try and get a shot or two and these were the best I could do. The sun was bright and harsh and cast strong shadows. I also had to dodge people walking in front of me but I was glad to get a brief unencumbered view.

I don’t know the dance group’s name but they are definitely a side to look out for next time.

Edit: I think I’ve found them. They are an Appalachian Dance side called Cornucopia.

10 thoughts on “All A Board!

    1. Watching the procession is the best part of the day. I have to say, though, I’ve never seen such a huge crowd there before. It made it difficult to get any clear shots. I’ve always fancied clog dancing myself. The sound made on the boards and the complex footwork appeal to me!


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